Energy Metering Better energy measurement means better energy management.
Energy efficiency consultancy You can afford to save money on energy.
Alternative energy Explore your options for onsite solar, geothermal and distributed energy systems.

Take AIM at your business energy costs. Energy saving is the NEW GREEN!

Are utility bills a drain on your business? Energy costs for business are high and getting higher to comply with the new provincial budget. Even if you've signed a contract for a fixed energy price, the cost will be increasing as much as 25% in the next 4 years!   The only way to cut those costs is to cut consumption.

Measure 5,236,000 data points, cut once... AIM uses its own proprietary monitoring equipment to capture data from every corner of your facility simultaneously. With this data captured, our energy experts can review all your energy efficiency options, alternative energy and smart energy solutions.  AIM gives you precise financial calculations and mitigation results engineered to the penny

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Is your business paying hidden line charges for electricity? Since electricity was deregulated in Alberta, most businesses do not see the details of charges for wire services provided by their electric distribution company.

Like many Alberta businesses, you may be paying thousands of dollars each month on charges that are easily avoidable.

Alberta businesses already pay among the highest electricity rates in North America and Provincial transmission charges are rising 30% over the next 4 years.  Our clients have been able to save as much as $15,000 per month on their electric distribution bills even before these rate increases take effect.

Call us for a FREE, no-obligation review of your energy charges and money saving potential.

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Energy Measurement and Management

AIM Energy Pros has developed a proprietary data logging system that captures hundreds of channels of simultaneous data from every circuit, every major piece of equipment, and all internal and external environmental parameters in a facility.   An electricity EKG of the buildings electrical “pulse” which allows unprecedented accuracy in evaluating smart energy options and control strategies.

Our Measurement process is designed to take full advantage of AIM’s proprietary data collection system to enhance benefits to customers. The modular, infinitely scalable system uses utility grade meters to collect data on every circuit in a facility. Combined with environmental, IR and audit data, our “EKG” of a facility’s electric system provides the most exact determination of energy usage possible today.

The features & benefits of AIM’s energy measurement services include:

  • Comprehensive energy analysis utilizing leading edge data analytics & smart  technologies
  • AIM’s own proprietary measuring equipment & software
  • CEM Designated energy engineers
  • Licensed electricians when applicable
  • Highly trained audit technicians
  • Free Pre-Audit analysis of historical consumption and facility infrastructure
  • Post Audit Analysis to verify efficiencies and cost benefits
  • Continued Monitoring and/or support  to mitigate issues such as equipment malfunction


Using audit data, AIM can evaluate energy efficiency and alternative energy technologies that will best  fit our customer’s  needs. Options that meet the threshold of an expected 5-year return on investment of 25% or greater are chosen and  put out for quotation to AIM’s network of vendors.

Electrical equipment is assessed for repair, maintenance or retrofit and the work is completed on site typically within 2 days without needing downtime or flipping breakers.

Management of energy consumption can dramatically impact a customer’s profitability.

The features & benefits of AIM’s energy management services are:


  • CEM designated
  • Over 20 years experience in the electricity regulatory field as Senior Economist
  • Over 20 years experience in project management
  • Patents pending on efficiency technologies developed in-house
  • preferred and bulk pricing - AIM offers highly competitive pricing

TURN-Key Solutions

  • Turn-key installations managed by seasoned professionals
  • Usually 2 days on-site without breaker flipping or needing downtime

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