what we do


We take AIM at your business energy costs.

We want our customers to start saving money (and the planet) as quickly and painlessly as possible. We focus on the providing the best practical and economic smart energy options for their exact needs. Then we help the customer to realize those savings through qualified and competitive providers.

If the problem is energy efficiency, with AIM Energy Pros the problem is solved.

Why Us

We make the switch to saving energy simple for our customers. Our job is to be our customer's best ally in cutting energy costs and guarding the environment.

In preaching efficiency, we practice efficiency. Our break through AIM Energy Audit process is designed to be both super-accurate and super-cost-effective.

Our multi-disciplinary team brings together the best in energy data analysis and cutting edge energy technology, with years of experience in real world energy issues.

You will be surprised how easy it can be to implement energy and start saving money!

Case Studies

Our Team

  • Dean Baranitsky

    Dean has a passion for finding practical solutions to our customers' energy efficiency needs and wants. "There are more options than ever before opening up in energy efficiency…

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  • David Gray

    David has spent his entire career studying consumers' energy usage and wanted to revisit some old problems in energy auditing with new technology. The result was the AIM Energy…

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