AIM Energy Audit

AUDIT – measure the exact energy consumption characteristics of the facility, its main subsystems and major equipment along with environmental data.

INVESTIGATE – determine all available smart energy options that can be applied to the customers needs and analyze for return on investment, payback and carbon emissions.

MITIGATE – Recommend solutions accompanied by firm quotations from Certified vendors. Provide project management and verification for all work performed by Certified vendors.

AIM Energy Pros has developed a proprietary data logging system that captures hundreds of channels of simultaneous data from every circuit, every major piece of equipment and all internal and external environmental parameters in a facility. It’s like an EKG of the buildings electrical “pulse” which allows unprecedented accuracy in evaluating smart energy options and control strategies.

The AIM Process is designed to take full advantage of our proprietary data collection system to enhance our benefit to customers. The modular, infinitely scalable system uses utility grade meters to collect data on every circuit in a facility. Combined with environmental, IR and audit data, our “EKG” of a facility’s electric system provides the most exact determination of energy usage possible today.

Using the audit data, AIM can match available energy efficiency and alternative energy technology to the customers’ exact needs. Options that meet the threshold of an expected 5-year return on investment of 25% or greater are put out for quotation to AIM’s network of vendors. The final report to the customer provides quotations to complete all recommended work.

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