Power Quality Remediation

Sour Power. The silent killer (of your equipment).

Your equipment expects a smooth, uninterrupted flow of alternating current electricity. However, that same equipment often creates noise and distortion of the electricity in your facility.

Electric motors, fluorescent ballasts and other electro-magnetic devices can affect the timing of the electricity flowing in your facility. Like a car engine, bad timing means you have to use more energy to do the same amount of work. This also translates into higher operating temperatures for all of your equipment, shortening their operating lives.

Computers, CNC machines and other electronic devices can also create harmonic distortion on your electric system. Harmonic distortion is like noisy feedback from a microphone where one frequency can build up and up until it screams… Excessive harmonic currents can easily destroy electronics, motors and transformers.

If you notice that lights or lighting ballasts, motors or electronic equipment are regularly failing, or if you notice excess heat in motors or transformers, you may have a problem with power quality (sour power.) AIM Energy Pros has the experience and technology to improve power quality in your facility.

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